Mike Pero

A household name with branches across the country, a catchy jingle and heavy rotation TV ads, Mike Pero's face and name are synonymous with home ownership. When Mike and the team wanted to refresh their brand by focusing on people and showcasing the business’ national scale, they came to us for some inspiration.

Inspiration we found, when we learned Mike was a six time New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Champion. An epic road trip on a classic Triumph Tiger bike was just the inspiration he was looking for. We created a mysterious biker riding from one end of the country to the other. Who is he, what happened on his trip, and why was he doing it?

What followed was a five day shoot across the country using a drone, camera vehicle rigs and a small, agile crew. There was no stunt double; Mike expertly rode the bike in all conditions. We worked with Resonate to produce and direct a 60 second TVC and a 30 second cut down. With an original music track, the result is fresh and modern, uniquely Kiwi and reflective of the Mike Pero Real Estate experience.

Brought to life by the slogan 'Our People, Your Places', viewers watch Mike take a scenic motorbike journey across the country, highlighting their offices' nationwide reach and their agents' personal touch. This TV advert created a talking point and injected cinematic heart and soul into the brand.

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Reassured by our first successful joint TV campaign, Mike came back to see us for his 2020 campaign. Flourishing in the dog-eat-dog real estate market, this time Mike was keen to underline the unique marketing toolkit they bring to every home sale.

So, for this second drop of adverts, we delved much deeper into the house sale process by following a customer's journey.

Viewers can see how customised and well-oiled the Mike Pero Real Estate experience is, from meeting the agent, to choosing the sale method, capturing the house styling and packaging up the home across digital platforms including free TV ads. The campaign builds with a nail biting auction scene, with Mike coming back into the picture as the safe hands behind the brand.

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"If you’re thinking that you want to do better in business then probably the smart dollar would be to spend that dollar at Plato. In hindsight, it’s the best investment we could have made."  Mike Pero

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