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"They say there are gaps in timber knowledge. We say we’ve cracked it.” So says Timber Unlimited, whose website has been created to make using timber to reduce climate-changing emissions a whole lot easier and more accessible for the local construction industry. See the brand we created for them here.

As well as being a place to connect and collaborate with other like-minded people in the industry, the website aims to showcase and demonstrate that it can and should be built with timber, dispelling common myths and clarifying the unknowns that hold timber back from being used more often by architects, engineers, QS and developers/asset owners.

Timber screenshots

Complete with design tools and case studies, the website gets to the truth of timber costs, carbon offset, durability, fire safety and the very real benefits of building with timber. We’ve built more than nine custom page layouts and countless customisable blocks to make it a flexible platform that can grow as more content is added. Some of the key highlights of this project include a headless CMS build using some of the latest frontend tech available; bespoke menu design and animations; and gated, downloadable resources to build a database.


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