Medbury School

Medbury is one of Australasia's leading private prep schools for the education of boys from Years 1 to 8. Their website was a key tool to attract and inform prospective families of why they should enrol their sons while simultaneously acting as the channel through which they kept in touch with existing parents and students. Trying to talk to two audiences was compromising the message and experience on both sides, so we embarked on planning and designing a new website to address this challenge.

On the one hand Medbury needed to generate leads from prospective parents and ensure they have a solid long list continuing to develop for future enrolments. This meant creating a calmer, more ordered site. The website we’ve built conveys well the Medbury difference and shows how they fulfil their brand proposition of 'Unlocking Every Boy's Potential' by demonstrating their facilities, sharing the story of where they are going as a school, and showcasing the effectiveness of their approach to education.

On the other hand, the excess of information and frequent communications intended for existing students and families still needed to be accessed and also be easy to navigate. To address this we worked with Medbury to suggest a multi-platform approach - using an app to manage news, forms, student info, absenteeism and notifications.

Separating communications like this allows Medbury’s website to function primarily as a marketing tool, designed to encourage exploration and lead the user to make the first step in enrolling. To further assist with marketing, we took a simple video approach that told the Medbury story with onscreen graphics and some beautifully curated and shot cameo scenes of school life. This was filmed across a few weeks in order to capture some of the traditional events as well as showcasing the best of Medbury.

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