EPL are large scale manufacturers of extruded and injection molded plastics. To help grow their business, we’ve been working with EPL in a strategic partnership since 2018.

Working closely together throughout a comprehensive brand strategy project, we first reassessed and refined their value proposition to truly reflect what makes EPL special – scale, capability and a long standing commitment to innovation. This ‘a-ha!’ moment empowered EPL to see themselves in a new light and gave us a fantastic platform from which to develop their messaging and a contemporary visual identity.

Initial marketing objectives and activity included building brand awareness across key industries and using digital channels to capture sales leads. We launched a brand campaign across multiple platforms with different ad types, including video; and at various points have adjusted targeting based on the content being served. Key results as of 2020 include:

  • 214% increase in people searching for EPL Group
  • 88K YouTube profile views
  • 51% increase in average monthly website users
EPL Brand Images 2020 2
EPL Brand Images 2020 3
EPL Brand Images 2020 4 FULL SCROLL
EPL Brand Images 2020 5

New product development

Conscious of their impact on and responsibility to the environment, EPL are developing more sustainable materials (and products from them) such as bioplastics. To take these to market we worked together to develop an approach to materials and products to be used ongoing, and named and branded the materials. Campaigns to launch these products take a more direct lead generation approach and saw us developing videos, photography and messaging.

EPL NPD Brand Images 2020 2
EPL NPD Brand Images 2020 3
EPL NPD Brand Images 2020 4
EPL NPD Brand Images 2020 5
EPL NPD Brand Images 2020 6
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