Eliot Sinclair

Eliot Sinclair are a powerhouse in their sector with a multi-disciplined offering that covers just about everything needed for land and site development.

To correct misperceptions that they’re ‘just surveyors’ and position them as the innovator thinkers they are, we worked closely with their team to create a dynamic brand that tells a compelling story of the smarter project outcomes their integrated offering delivers.

With their story as the brand’s core strength defining their purpose informed the rest of the brand. ‘To shape a better tomorrow’ talks to the long-term value the Eliot Sinclair team deliver for clients, their commitment to sustainability and even career opportunities for staff.

The brand’s visual identity retains hints of their heritage with an evolution of their topographic linework and signature red; which is supported by a ‘better tomorrow’ colour palette inspired by dawn to create an internal brand complete with refreshed values.

ES Portfolio 2020 FA1
ES Portfolio 2020 FA2
ES Portfolio 2020 FA3
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ES Portfolio 2020 FA WEBSITE
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