Community Foundations of NZ

As the world enters a period of the biggest wealth handover of our time, we helped Community Foundations of NZ prepare their brand to tap into the generosity of everyday Kiwis.

Community Foundations of NZ is the national body for the individual regional Community Foundations all around New Zealand. The Community Foundations’ smarter giving model sees gifts invested to create long term revenue streams for local causes that the donor has the opportunity to specify.


"Working with Plato has been the best strategic decision we have made; it’s been enlightening, super easy and transformational for our work."  Eleanor Cater, Executive Director

It seems simple, but the complexities of this giving model had previously been a challenge to explain and hadn’t taken rightful priority in the hierarchy of messaging. We’ve refocused the brand to highlight Community Foundations’ truly unique points of difference - simply put as 'make your giving go further' - and created a mature, sophisticated look that also brings the right amount of energy and fun where appropriate.

To get there, we worked closely with key board members to define the brand’s role alongside the regional foundations and clearly outline the objectives to achieve, challenges faced and strategies to overcome them.

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"Plato has helped us to develop a strong brand that has been praised internationally and are continuously helping us to develop campaigns that are deceptively simple and effective."  Eleanor Cater, Executive Director

A dynamic animation style helps bring this energy to everything from campaigns, a TVC and the website. Each of these touchpoints works to drive people to find their local Community Foundation, who can then nurture them on the path to giving.

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To support the regional Community Foundations, a toolkit was created with endorsement badges, collateral templates and a language guide.

We believe in what Community Foundations of NZ do, so we continue to support their work with ours.

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