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  • Health and wellbeing

Te Tahi Youth is a one-stop shop that provides health services and social support for youth. Formerly known as 298 Youth Health, we helped set them up for the future with a new name and brand (see it here), and this simple yet impactful website. The brand’s boxy style was ideal for translating to mobile effortlessly. Highlights of this website include custom Lottie animations, headless CMS for increased performance and slick page transitions; and integration with their existing donations platform.

Built with React and Next.js, the website offers a seamless and visually rich experience, designed specifically to empower young individuals to express themselves on their own terms. With a modern and happy tone, Te Tahi Youth embraces simplicity and clarity as its guiding principles. The website's well-organised layout and clear navigation ensure easy access to valuable content, creating a user-friendly experience for its young audience.

Te Tahi Youth website page visuals

Visually Te Tahi Youth captures attention with its vibrant colour palette; almost Mondrian in tone and photography of real people who received help. The site creates an immersive environment that reflects the energy and vibrancy of today's youth. Its sleek design allows the core message to shine reinforcing the website's commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Te Tahi Youth website mobile visuals
Te Tahi Youth website visuals


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