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Hundy’s biggest communication challenge is that it’s very existence skirts pretty close to the edge of two of the most contentious advertising standard codes – alcohol and therapeutic products. That’s because Hundy is a hangover prevention product. But you can’t say that because talking about getting a hangover and needing Hundy in the first place could be construed as condoning excess drinking. And even if we could, we can’t say Hundy works to prevent or cure hangovers because that’s technically a health related claim. Luckily, Hundy had already worked out that, actually, nobody wants to think about hangovers when they’re heading out for a good time, so the brand foundations lean into that. Hundy’s brand purpose is ‘helping people live life to the full — without judgement’. With a defining belief that you can have your cake and eat it too, Hundy stands for good times at all times, both at night and the next day. So their brand proposition is ‘Carpe noctem - seize the night!’, a tongue-in-cheek play on the universally known and understood, ‘Carpe diem – seize the day’.

The brief was to generate a creative platform that brings this proposition to life in a way that sets Hundy apart from competitors and gains them a reputation for sizzling social content. Behind this were the objectives of building brand awareness and product sales.

Marketing mediums are predominantly digital so we’ve leaned into meme culture and established a design framework that uses clearcut images of classical statues to reflect the Latin part of the tagline – ‘Carpe noctem’. Sassy text, graphic overlays and animation alludes to seizing the night and having a good time. It’s purposely simplistic yet smart allowing endless executions that can be adapted for seasonal and topical social content and advertising, as well as selling product. Compared to before this campaign running, we saw lifts across the board.


growth in total sales


growth in online sales


more than 3000 new followers on social


growth in website traffic


increase in overall conversion


increase in organic traffic


lift in organic traffic conversion

Hundy Seize the Night visual
Visual of various Hundy Seize the Night posters
Various Hundy Seize the Night social media posts
Various Hundy Seize the Night social media posts
Visuals of Hundy Seize the Night creatives
Visual of Hundy Seize the Night landscape poster
Visual of Hundy Seize the Night creative


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