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100% Pure New Zealand Honey is one of the country's premier independent honey companies. Before creating their website, we first refreshed the brand - see it here.

Prior to working with us, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey were managing two websites on two different management systems. To consolidate both sites (ecommerce and brand) into a single online home, we built the new website using Craft Commerce for its ease of use and functionality. The result is a website that offers the ability to create and manage regional websites where online shopping isn’t necessary (Amazon-centric markets), as well as product pages configured to educate customers on the subtle differences between products. Native integration with Google Shopping also allows seamless promotion of products across the Google Display Network, and multi-currency functionality means every customer can be served.

100% Pure Honey website product page visuals
100% Pure Honey product page visual

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100% Pure Honey website visuals


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