Make your mark on something special.

First we became the biggest. Now we are going to become the best. You can help make that happen.

Since 2007 we have grown from two founders into a fully integrated creative agency of over 50, the largest in the South Island.

Now we have our eyes set on a higher prize, to create New Zealand’s best independent agency. We’ve achieved everything we set out to so far, so we know this too will come to be. Plato has always been an ambitious business and those of us already here like that we each play a very real part in our success. We aren’t just told to sit down and get on with it. We are all included in shaping the business we are part of.

So you can stay where you are and keep doing what you’ve been doing. Or you can join us, unleash your ambition and talent and be a part of taking a plucky contender to the top. That’s something worth moving for

The agency that keeps on growing.

Our reputation for our passion for business, balanced thinking, great creative and fanatical client service has seen Plato grow from two into a team of 50 strategists, marketers, creatives and digital developers. We have been recognised and awarded for entrepreneurism, business growth, service, craft, and various marketing awards. We’ve worked with businesses and brands across industries following a time-tested methodology that is thorough and truly collaborative. It’s the approach that helped MyTax become the #1 tax refund company in New Zealand; Rochdale to lead cider sales in Australia; and Lone Star to have the number one loyalty app in the food and beverage category within the first month of launch.

It’s time to go up another gear.

To be the best we need the best. We want senior talent across all disciplines to complement the other fantastic people we have attracted over the years. Those that are driven, those that can teach us something, and those that want to stamp there mark on something special. Plato is an awesome environment that fosters your ability to make the most of your skills and be challenged to take them to the next level. We’re ready when you are.

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Experience variety in clients, challenges and work.

We work with a wide range of clients, from ambitious local owner-operated businesses to Government agencies and corporates. We have won and delivered some significant projects, and there are more to come as our profile and reputation grows. See our portfolio to get a taste of who we work with and what we do for them.

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Current opportunities

We’re always interested in meeting good, talented people who can teach us something new.

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