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Global creates custom software solutions. Despite the SaaS category exploding with opportunity, as a whole, brands within it have little to distinguish themselves; tending towards conservative and traditional, which is at odds with what they provide. A dynamic category requires a dynamic brand. And Global are a challenger brand. So we developed a progressive and bold identity around a brand idea of ‘Freedom through structure’.

The dynamic brand device reflects the two halves of Global – creativity and passion on one side, technical abilities and practical thinking on the other. It allows the brand to be consistent, ordered and professional, yet exceptionally flexible and expressive within these parameters. It’s also a nod to Global’s offering itself. Order and stability is what their custom software solutions give customers. The knock on benefit of that is freedom and innovation.

Global brand logo
Global branding creative process
Global branding identity
Global branding identity

Messaging brings to life the tagline “Together, it’s possible” and tied with a graphical presentation, opens up the opportunity for endless headline ideas.

Global brand image gallery
Global branding on tote bag
Global brand guideline booklet
Global brand guideline booklet
Global branded envelope and letter
Global branding poster
Global branding poster


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