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A shifting culture of consumption behaviour means people are demanding seamless brand experiences across all categories. Our research into the legal category, uncovered an industrywide lack of pace in keeping up with these needs. We took this opportunity to carve out a new position for Cavell Leitch based on the brand idea: “seamless, straight-up legal solutions that help people move forward with confidence.”

This brand idea formed our brief for the visual idea and marketing.

‘Seamless, straight up…’: Cavell’s brand is clean and simple to match the expectations customers seek from their lawyer. Uncomplicated linework and colour tell this story alongside easy-to-understand language and unfussy typography.

‘…move forward…’: lines (and shapes) were created for their simplicity and clarity. They are used in their most basic form and grouped together to create a suite of elements that are uniquely Cavell’s. Altogether the lines and shapes can express movement forward and upward, leadership, growth, innovation, protection, support and success, giving the brand depth and breadth across executions.

‘…with confidence’: implied through bold, contrasting colours that balance the familiar and surprising. The logo is also clear, confident and timeless with the arrow device communicating forward movement and the two words presented as one to reflect one unified business (an important internal brand value).

Cavell Leitch brand identity
Cavell Leitch brand identity poster

Cavell Leitch brand icons

Cavell Leitch branded booklet
Cavell Leitch coworkers in discussions

Cavell Leitch branded drink bottle, diary and keep cup

To engage the full Cavell team with the new brand in order to deliver on their promise, the brand was designed to have an internal version that flexes from professional for everyday business to more ramped up ‘fun’ communications. Together with Cavell Leitch we developed values icons, branded merch and a staff handbook.

Cavell Leitch brand identity
Cavell Leitch branded meeting room
Cavell Leitch brand identity posters

Cavell Leitch branded storage lockers

Cavell Leitch branded booklets

Cavell Leitch branded wall icons
Cavell Leitch branded booklets
Cavell Leitch branded tote bag


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