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Global is a specialist software development company that has helped pioneer the thriving technology sector in New Zealand. Riding the momentum of a dynamic and expanding category across 25+ years, Global has gone from a one-man-band to an ever-growing, multi-talented team of creative dreamers, analytical thinkers, and determined doers who continuously drive innovation and create custom solutions for growing businesses. Global’s custom software solutions and apps give order and stability to businesses to empower them to disrupt and differentiate in their chosen markets.

Global engaged us to do a strategic review of their brand and their positioning in the market. The brief was to attract private businesses and aligned organisations to engage Global to assist with feasibility planning and strategy before planning the development of any potential project. We developed a clear vision for the brand to build a world-class software development business known for solving complex problems and delivering impactful solutions; followed by a distinctive brand identity to reflect innovation and dynamic thinking in a changing market.

The design and development of the new website was a key part of profiling the brand. We designed it to be dynamic, bold, and engaging, showcasing the strengths of Global’s offering through animation and distinctive brand messaging. Alongside the visuals, we highlighted the methodology and capability end to end to give prospective clients confidence in Global’s ability to deliver smart solutions to complex problems.

Global website mobile visuals
Global website page visuals
Global website visuals


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