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As the regional council for the Canterbury area, Environment Canterbury works to protect the health of our environment to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the region and its people. However, there is often confusion about what Environment Canterbury’s roles and responsibilities are compared to other authorities such as district or city councils. As they began reviewing their Long-Term Plan (LTP), they engaged us to create videos that educate residents on what they do as well as encourage people to get involved in their work. The first of these videos was a ‘101’ introductory overview video.


Closeup on fenceline

Closeup of a fantail in a tree

Closeup of person standing on riverbed

To engage the public we put the people of Environment Canterbury at the heart of the video showcasing not only the important work they do for the region but also their personal engagement with the environment they work to support.

Person wearing helmet looking at view
Person planting a tree
Seagull flying over sand and water
Closeup of dog next to a person
Person standing on a boat
Person with paddle board walking along rocks
Close up of person focusing


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