We’re the creative agency that helps the ambitious grow.

We believe we have created a culture and environment unlike any other in our industry. Our people are experts without egos who genuinely care about our craft, our clients and each other. It’s a palpable vibe that energises our business and gets our clients fizzed too.

The way we work

We don't live project to project

We target ambitious clients to partner with long term, and grow their brands and businesses by using all our creative resources along a roadmap to success.

We are not siloed

Our offering is an integrated whole rather than individual services. We work really well together, and have key people that lead client teams made up of specialists from across the business – strategy, creative and digital. Following a methodology that is thorough, multi-disciplined and client-centric, we help the ambitious grow by collaborating across skillsets to come at a challenge from all angles.

Here’s what collaboration can achieve

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A purpose-built space enables our process

At home at 63 Manchester Street in Christchurch, we have the largest studio in the South Island – a space we designed especially for creativity and client collaboration. It’s a productive environment with a positive vibe to boot.

Flexibility at Plato

The truth is, we’re a busy team that works well riffing off each other. Being in the same place at the same time is key to producing the best work, and it’s more enjoyable for the team. But we get that people have commitments other than work so our principle behind flexibility is that it’s used to enable you to focus on delivering no matter what.

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Current opportunities

We’re always interested in meeting good, talented people who can teach us something new.

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