Expectations are high, but there’s plenty keeping us motivated

It’s important you know you’re valued around here. We recognise the best of the best with monthly and quarterly rewards for individuals and teams. Once a year we step it up a notch with the Annual Awards ceremony – the prizes are awesome and the competitions stiff, so bring it. Appreciation for loyalty is also given with long service rewards when you hit 5, 8 and 10 years.

We like to celebrate. In summer there are BBQs on the deck; mid-year there’s a full team dinner with our other halves; surprise events happen here and there; and we always celebrate Christmas with a bang. There’s also birthday and anniversary hoopla every month, Easter and Christmas parties for our kids, team outings, social club, and happy hour at our bar.

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Feel good. Do good.

To help you be at your best we have a mixed programme of health and wellness activities ranging from fitness classes to monthly massages. Entries to events like charity runs and boxing matches are sponsored, and if you’re into touch rugby you can join the Plato Playerz.

Our very best go very far.

Las Vegas, Hawaii, Fiji. Just some of the places our Annual Awards’ Supreme Winners have gone with their $10K travel prize. People are valued around here, with individual and team performance recognised monthly and quarterly, and a fancy ceremony once a year; the prizes are awesome and the competition stiff, so bring it! Loyalty also goes both ways with long service rewards kicking in at 5 years.