• Food and beverage
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging
  • Videography and photography

Tink drinks are made from fruit wine and sparkling water. To launch this new product into the burgeoning seltzer market we gave it a name and developed a brand to get people fizzed - TINK, taken from the sound of two cans ‘tinking’ together, and paired with a timeless vibe and a clever tagline: Sounds good.

Visual of Tink branded can and carton
Car driving down the street with vibrant haze
Boxes of Tink by a parked car
Visual concept of the Tink brand
Tink visual with Berry Rose can and box
Tink brand concept
People at the beach with one carrying a box of Tink
People gathering at the beach with one carrying a box of Tink
Visual of Tink Lemon & Lime can and box
Box of Tink on the dashboard of a car
Person holding a can of Tink


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