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The McCashin’s are New Zealand’s first family of independent brewing. We’ve brought to life many of their beloved products, including a low-carb lager created to challenge existing category leaders. First we needed to name it. We were inspired by the the audience - young-ish active people that care about their wellbeing but still want to have a good time; people who play hard, so every hour of the day matters. This led to the theme of sunrise, and being present for the day, and so ‘First Light’ was born.

For its brand and packaging, looking at the category, it was clear that simple was better. We led with a classic blue and white palette and introduced curves and circles reminiscent of a sunrise. The logo follows this same trend. Composed of a curvy 70’s-style typeface, it feels familiar but new, and offers the perfect contrast to fonts used elsewhere, which pull through from the master McCashin’s brand identity. The end result is an on-shelf presence that is strong, confident and refreshingly clean.

First Light branded carton and cans

First Light brand logo

First Light brand can
First Light branded carton and cans
First Light branded carton and can
First Light branded can
First Light branded cans


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