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A shifting culture of consumption behaviour means people are demanding seamless brand experiences across all categories. Our research into the legal category uncovered an industrywide lack of pace in keeping up with these needs. We took this opportunity to create a new brand position and visual identity for legal firm Cavell Leitch based on the brand idea: “seamless, straight-up legal solutions that help people move forward with confidence.” We also created a new website experience to match.

People at Cavell Leith in a discussion

As well as bringing to life brand graphics through animation, the site has been designed and developed around showcasing Cavell’s many areas of expertise and their large team of specialists. This included structure to help with SEO and promote organic enquiry, as well as the simplification of information to make it easy for existing and potential clients to find the expert team member they need. To balance this, we’ve also created a space to house more in-depth content shared by the Cavell team.

To attract more quality consultation enquiries, content clearly defines Cavell’s brand position and educates visitors on their process before they make contact, helping convert the right type of client. We’ve also ensured the user experience aligns with the seamless brand positioning through tactics such as a super-easy contact process. Attracting and retaining quality talent was another consideration. So we’ve designed the website to clearly show their values, contemporary workspace and method, and the benefits of working for Cavell Leitch. 


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