• Public sector
  • Transport
  • Brand identity
  • Videography and photography

When public transport user numbers in Timaru were falling rapidly, Environment Canterbury (the regional council and operators of the public transport provider Metro) decided to trial New Zealand’s first on-demand service for the town.

Challenges to overcome included: people’s basic lack of understanding what on-demand transport or ride sharing is; privacy and safety; technology and payment method barriers; and shifting attitudes towards public transport. That’s why we created a brand and core message of “make it happen your way” to show how MyWay can be a viable and even enjoyable choice for people’s everyday lives. To ensure it shows real Timaruvians using the service, we did a day’s filming and photography. In the first few months following launch, the service saw a 40% increase in patronage (compared to the old bus system at the same time the year prior), as well as overwhelmingly positive feedback from the public.

MyWay by Metro branded van parked on the street
Concept of MyWay by Metro app on phone

Concept of MyWay by Metro branded sticker

Concept of MyWay by Metro branded lanyard

Mother with child holding toy on a bus
Concepts of MyWay by Metro branded posters
Concept of MyWay by Metro bus stop poster
Concept of a MyWay by Metro trade show set


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