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OMC is an independently owned family business (now in its third generation) that specialises in providing civil contractors, farmers and lifestyle property owners with trusted outdoor power equipment and mowers. OMC are a longstanding partner of Plato; providing strategic advice and creative services to keep their marketing plan and campaigns pumping all year round. This was also the second website we’ve collaborated on with them over the past decade. A lot of excitement and passion went into getting it right. It's a complex site with many roles to play; this drove our considerations around navigation and user experience.

Based on data and insights gained from the performance of the prior website and our knowledge and understanding of OMC’s business, we undertook an intricate planning process to ensure every decision was well-informed and focused on best enhancing marketing efforts. OMC stock a huge range of products and models from a variety of different brands; add to this, different markets, locations and stages of the customer journey. The site has also been built with online sales at the forefront and functionality for all-important customer reviews.

Person operating a compactor

Compactor on construction site

OMC website page visuals

Closeup of lawnmower in operation

Person operating SCAG ride on mower


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