OMC Power Equipment

We have partnered with OMC for a number of years, providing strategic advice and creative services to keep their marketing plan and campaigns pumping all year round.

Using existing brand elements, we created a design system to lift the quality of marketing to match OMC’s high quality offering and drive a stronger, clearer presence in the market. We’ve aligned consistent colour use and logo placement with layout flexibility to suit different advertising approaches such as retail offers, brand awareness and product brand led ads. As their target audiences and range have expanded, we have also shifted their brand messaging to hero the benefits of OMC’s incredible product knowledge and customer service.

With the appetite for video content rampant in this market, we worked with OMC to showcase products in a way we knew audiences would eat up. Video allows us to properly hero OMC’s flagship products, showing them in action as well as close up shots and 360° perspectives. Fronted by Gerry from OMC - because nobody knows or is more passionate about the product than he - the videos are also brought to life with characterful customer testimonials. These videos have proved a popular and useful sales tool, even generating enquiry from BOB-CAT themselves! On top of that, extra footage has formed a rich archive of video for OMC which has been recut and repurposed several times, giving our client added value from their investment.

We’re always working with OMC to optimise the customer journey from seeing an ad to conversion. We built a website geared to support these efforts and integrated it with HubSpot to further enhance the ability to build market awareness and convert users into customers. To attract leads we’ve created a variety of resources for different parts of the path to purchase. When a customer downloads one of these it triggers a workflow for OMC to nurture that lead. Connecting digital marketing tactics with their sales processes continues to be effective for OMC.

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