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Since 1954, TrailLite motorhomes and caravans have been the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to life on the road. But when they started also importing high-quality European options alongside their bespoke offerings, the brand started to become a bit too complex. We’ve worked with TrailLite Group for many years, building an inbound marketing strategy and offering brand assistance to help them grow. But more recently they approached us with the larger problem of their brand architecture. By separating the TrailLite (product) from the TrailLite Group, we’re able to better tell the story of pursuing perfection through carefully considered and finely crafted motorhomes without drawing attention away from the other brands sold by the Group. A distinct tone and visual look emphasise the luxury and desirability of a TrailLite motorhome. See the parent brand story here.

Person reading book inside Traillite motorhome
Traillite branded booklets
Inside of Traillite branded booklet
Person wearing Traillite branded hoodie


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