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As New Zealand’s leading experts in motorhome and caravan design and manufacturing, TrailLite Group has come a long way since their inception in the 1950s. They’ve continued to push the envelope on luxury motorhome design and now sell some of the world’s most reputable international brands as well. We’ve worked with them for many years along the way on everything from HubSpot content strategy and marketing to a fully updated brand architecture and identity.

Traillite Group Branding
Traillite Group Branding identity

With a need to separate their manufacturing operations from their retail operations, but a desire to maintain the strong equity in the TrailLite name on both sides, we proposed two distinctive, yet complimentary brands: TrailLite Group for the retailer who interacts with customers and TrailLite for the product they make (which you can see here). We developed extensive messaging guides, distinct tones of voice, and complementary visual identities to ensure each brand had a solid foundation of difference. The results of the launch campaign were impressive, with overall uplift across website visits, duration of visits, and direct brand searches. The overall ROI of the campaign was approximately 3100% - an astounding result for TrailLite Group.

Young couple hiking in the bush
Traillite Group branded business card

People walking on the beach as the sunsets in the distance

Traillite Group branded post cards

Traillite Group brand messaging

Sunset across lake

Person standing on a rock looking over the valley

Traillite Group care logo

Traillite Group branded booklet
Traillite Group branded booklet
Traillite Group branded guides
Traillite Group branded buyers guide
Traillite Group branded beginners guide to caravanning guide
Traillite Group branded great kiwi road trips guide
Traillite Group branded beginners guide to motorhoming guide


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