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As Christchurch rebuilt following the Canterbury earthquakes, EntX took prime position as Christchurch’s home of entertainment in the central city with cinemas upstairs and a range of diverse eateries downstairs. We had a lot of fun creating the brand for EntX as well as managing the complex’s opening event, the design and build of the EntX website and filming a showcase video that covered the build journey from start to completion.

Concept of EntX branded envelope
Concept of EntX branded invitation
Person speaking at the opening of the EntX building
People holding glasses of wine at the EntX building opening
Crowd watching speakers at Entx building opening
Inside of the Entx building
People holding drinks at the opening of the Entx building
Person getting their photo taken at Entx building opening
Entx branded bromance in the air social tile
Entx branded ladies night social tile
Entx branded taste the world social tile
Entx branded crepes social tile
Entx branded dumpling social tile
Entx branded love is in the air social tile
Entx branded stocking stuffer #1 social tile
Entx branded stocking stuffers social tile


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