Whatever we work on together, you'll find our methodology is collaborative, multidisciplined and client centric.

We’ve developed our own way of working to ensure we deliver on our promise of a better experience and a better outcome. To measure this we ask ourselves along the way – are we adding value and are you enjoying the process?

1. Discovery & strategy

First we get to know you really well by delving deep into your organisation, learning about your current customers and who you want to attract, what you want to achieve, what’s happening in your industry and what competitors are up to. This is so we can define your true core challenge, find where opportunity lies and set a roadmap to success.

2. Ideation & delivery

With agreed strategies and tactics to move forward on, your dedicated team then explore and develop the right creative, technical and marketing solutions to address these. Depending on the complexity and timeline of your project, this part of our process can be highly collaborative with your feedback helping shape the direction. Then, it’s time to see it all come to life in the real world.

3. Review & improve

Businesses and brands are living things, so we don’t set and forget; we develop a roadmap for a reason. For aspirational plans, we regularly assess and gather insights from your marketing activity so we can identify and implement opportunities for growth. And on single projects, we check back in to see how it’s going and welcome any feedback on how you found the process getting there.

Plato Creative office with staff sitting at tables and speaking around the room

All this happens in the largest studio in the South Island – a space we purpose built for creativity and client collaboration. We’re set up to nail the quick wins whilst focusing on the big picture and adding long-term value. However we work together, we’ll never leave you wondering and we always put what’s best for your business and brand at the heart of everything we do.

Here’s what collaboration can achieve

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Community Foundations of New Zealand

Strategic simplicity

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