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Working with Ko Taku Reo - a new national education service provider for all New Zealand’s Deaf and hard of hearing children, we had the chance to reassess some elementary thinking about the fundamentals of communication to create a website built on an understanding of the importance of language, culture and identity and the principles of accessibility.

Ko Taku Reo website visuals

Throughout all aspects of the visual identity and subsequent website development process, we applied accessibility best practice across typography, tested the colour mix for colour vision deficiency appropriateness and even chosen apparel to best suit any skin tone, which is necessary for seeing sign language and reading lips and faces.

Ko Taku Reo image


Ko Taku Reo website brand guidelines visual

Ko Taku Reo’s website has been developed in accordance with the W3C specification and aims to reach a minimum AA standard, with many aspects of the site meeting AAA standard.

It has been developed so assistive technology such as screen readers can easily process and interpret content; it can also be browsed using a keyboard.

We’ve ensured content is easy to read by eye as well as screen readers and assistive technology; this is achieved through generous size, dark colour for contrast, short paragraphs and correctly labelled subheadings, left alignment; plus alt text on all images so blind or low vision users can understand content without having to see it.


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