PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds holds the enviable position of being New Zealand’s largest seed producer and supplier. With a move away from their parent company, we’ve been working with the PGG Wrightson Seeds team to create a solid market position as industry leaders. We’ve delivered sales campaigns; a knowledge hub website; branding and content for apps; product collateral and social media management.

PGWS Turnip Campaign Carousel 2020 V1
PGWS Raphno Campaign Carousel 2020 V1

Cleancrop™ campaign

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Pallaton Raphno® campaign

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Bringing turnips back

We love collaborating with PGG Wrightson Seeds. They trust us and we enjoy proving it’s well founded by delivering creative campaigns that push the boat out in the reasonably conservative field that is agricultural marketing. The ‘Turn it up with Cleancrop™ turnips’ campaign for spring 2020 fulfilled a brief to “make turnips cool again”. These turnips were also part of a supercharged growing system that turned up weed control, yields and return on investment, which led to our retro-tech campaign look. This idea was able to cover more than one market and product cultivar with simple changeouts.


"We partner with Plato because they’re smart thinkers and they do what they say they will. We don’t have to hold Plato’s hand. They know what needs to be done and how to get a result, so we trust them to get on and do that. They come to us with ideas then lead and support us in getting them off the ground. And their creative is awesome at cutting through the noise. We’re really proud of the campaigns they help us put to market."  Hugh McDonald, National Sales and Marketing Manager

PGWS Turnip Campaign Portfolio 2

Creating a hero for summer

For Pallaton Raphno® - a cultivar purpose-bred to thrive in challenging farming conditions – the campaign idea positions it as a superhero for summer. We created cartoon illustrations for the top six attributes of the crop and rolled it out across multiple channels, including animated videos.

Having a higher idea behind this campaign was essential as it had to go to market talking to two different audience motivations – farmers who need a drought resilient crop and farmers finishing stock. Simple changeouts gave this campaign more mileage.

PGWS Raphno Campaign Portfolio 2
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