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To launch and create demand with the agricultural sector for PGG Wrightson Seeds’ new-generation perennial ryegrass, we created a cut-through campaign and TV commercial to capture ears and eyes, hearts and minds. Our strategic proposition was to show how Vast's superior genetics led to strong pasture performance that farmers can’t help but notice!

Vast is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass that PGG Wrightson Seeds purpose bred to answer modern farming challenges. With the latest heading date available (extremely late - +36 days) - a first of its kind - farmers get quality feed much later into the season with Vast. It’s the ultimate combination of density, quality, production and grazing preference. Or as the campaign puts it – a pasture that REALLY performs.


video views


30-sec video view rate (40% over benchmark)


15-sec video view rate (54% over benchmark)


increase in branded keyword search


With ambitions to make it a flagship product, PGG Wrightson Seeds invested in a campaign that centred around a nationwide TV commercial schedule supported by targeted digital channels. To bring the pasture performance to life, we filmed on-location as well as utilising a studio session and 3D animation to capture and create the singing grass mouths.




Playing up the dual meaning of ‘performance’, the campaign’s theatrical look and feel of was applied to all touchpoints, including hundreds of comms packs sent to retailers filled with movie-night goodies.




A bespoke campaign website allowed visitors to dive deeper into the benefits of Vast in a fun, interactive way. Additionally, it gave us the ability to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and provide further information to those people who were most interested in the product. 

This was yet another fun campaign to collaborate on with PGG Wrightson Seeds. We’ve worked with their team for many years to create a solid market position as industry leaders - New Zealand’s largest seed producer and supplier - delivering sales campaigns; a knowledge hub website; branding and content for apps; product collateral and social media management.

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