40 years of craft made the wine. Curiosity turned it into a gin. Innovation and creativity has won it many awards. In just a short time since its release, Strange Nature gin has won the Innovation Award at the New Zealand Spirit Awards (2022); was awarded a Gold Medal at the international Gin Masters competition held in London (2022); and also received a special commendation for its design and packaging at The Drinks Business Awards that were announced at the London Wine Fair.

What is Strange Nature? It’s a traditional gin with an inventive spin as it’s made with a unique base spirit - the distillate of 0% alcohol Marlborough sauvignon blanc, with all the wine’s famous flavours and aromas preserved. This pure spirit is then distilled with the one and only botanical that makes gin truly gin - juniper. The name itself was one task we had to get right. ‘Strange Nature’ reflects the product’s inception, the juxtaposition of its natural ingredients, combined with machine manipulation, creating something strange and new as a result.

Strange Nature brand tile alongside closeup of bottle

Closeup of Strange Nature bottle

Concept drawing of Strange Nature bottle

But it’s our bottle design that is the star of the show. Many glass showrooms were stormed through to find the perfect tint of rich forest green to represent the grape spirit inside. The ribbed outer is an abstract interpretation of the spinning cone extraction process and output. The front shield creates a commanding shelf presence whilst the labels wrap the bottle with intriguing language, premium textures and esoteric illustrations that speak to its story as much as it does the drinker’s frame of mind. Considered craft in every detail, the bottle continues to reward those who look deeper.

Strange Nature bottle next to a cocktail
Strange Nature brand tile

We have also completed a brand identity to support Strange Nature’s rapid growth both locally and internationally; with multiple variations now being added to the line-up.

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