We love working with Lone Star because they love to get creative. Heading into the winter months, Lone Star set their sights on driving takeaway rib box sales and encouraging people to order through the Lone Star Loyal app. Over the course of two months, one rib box per location contained a 3D printed golden rib. Whoever found that golden rib won $500! Think Willy Wonka and the golden ticket – but Lone Star rib style.

Research showed the takeout rib box was a popular date night feed so we went all in on the sticky, messy, saucy act of devouring them with a video designed to disgust, distress and delight, including the creation of a golden rib for the photoshoot. And the people were hungry for it! The video had a view-through rate of over 42% and Lone Star more than DOUBLED the number of rib boxes sold compared to the same period a year earlier. Legendary!

People after eating Lone Star ribs with golden sauce around their mouths

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Close up of character eating Lone Star rib
Close up of character eating Lone Star rib
People eating Lone Star ribs with one holding up the Golden Rib

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