Verum Group

Verum Group are integrated specialists providing consulting, monitoring, analysis and R&D services across environmental quality matters, resource development and energy efficiency.

We worked with them on a strategic approach to realign their positioning and rename the business; develop consumable messaging from heavily technical content; and create a new visual identity that gives clients and stakeholders a better understanding of who they are and what they do.

Verum Group 2020 3
Verum Group 2020 4

As part of the brand development, to overcome the imagery challenge – quite significant for a brand that works across so many industries with some of their work somewhat ‘intangible’ – we created a suite of graphic devices that take inspiration from the classical elements: earth, air, water and fire (or in Verum Group’s case – energy). Using Lottie, we’ve also animated these on their website for a simple yet bespoke and highly engaging user experience.

Verum Group 2020 7 Long Scroll
Verum Group 2020 8
Verum Group 2020 9
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