Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury has been providing services to those affected by brain injury since the 1970s. With a major fundraising campaign on the horizon to contribute to the rebuild of their facilities, we created for them a brand that will gain market awareness to bolster these efforts.

Having flown under the radar for so long, the first brand goal was making what they do easy to understand. This meant a strategic name change to the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust and the simplification of their service groupings. The second brand goal was to give people a reason to care. To achieve this we’ve created a messaging hierarchy that ensures the general public audience are given context to understand why Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust exists and why what they do is important; whereas the health service provider audience only need to know what services they offer, how to access them, and that Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust are experts in their field. Visually, the brand has a respectful level of energy and optimism.

The logo uses a proprietary orchid bred for Lady Laura Fergusson back in the 1970s. It’s emotive, unique to the Trust and symbolic of the delicacy and complexity of the human brain. The orchid inspires the colour palette and the linework style of the device extends across other brand elements for use across different collateral.

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