Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum tells the stories of our region, showing locals where they have come from and encouraging respect and understanding in our diverse society. We collaborated closely with them to develop an engaging website on par with that mission.

We have also worked with Canterbury Museum to build microsites for their World War One and Antarctic Dogs exhibitions. These sites ensure the content and imagery is preserved once the exhibition is finished.

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Antarctic dogs - tales from the pack

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World war one - lives lost, lives changed

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Canterbury Museum

The brief was to build a site that showcases exhibits, events and collections; brings forward Canterbury Museum as a world-leading research institute; can receive online donations; and increases visitor and returning visitor numbers. The primary audiences were visitors and locals but we also kept in mind anyone seeking education and researchers looking to access artefacts and research not on display.

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World War One

One of Canterbury Museum’s contributions to New Zealand’s World War One centenary commemorations, the Lives Lost, Lives Changed exhibit proved so popular that the museum felt it deserved to be permanently house on their website.

Having previously partnered with the museum to build their latest website, the task here was to collate all of the themes, archival footage, photographs and audio that made the exhibition so successful, and translate that to a digital format. The resulting microsite allows anyone to step into our country’s past and learn about the Great War through a truly local lens.

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Antarctic Dogs

Since the successful launch of the Lives Lost, Lives Changed microsite for Canterbury Museum, providing a permanent home for temporary exhibitions has been straightforward for everyone involved. So, when the Dogs in Antarctica: Tales from the Pack exhibition came to a close, basing the layout of this site off the original was made for a simple process.

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