Bargain Blinds

Following a brand refresh, Bargain Blinds’ ecommerce platform needed an update so it can keep providing customers everything it takes to transform their windows with custom-made blinds.

By designing an interactive customisation tool that integrates with their complex pricing matrix, prices get updated instantly. Adjustable options can also be created for individual products. And by implementing specifications during ordering, the entire manufacturing process is faster.

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Simple measuring and install guides provide confidence at every step and the ability to order free samples lets customers discover which fabric works best.

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The newest iteration of the website has seen a 230% increase in transactions and a 260% increase in revenue from users using mobile phones. The bounce rate has decreased by over 30% while the number of users increased by over 400%!

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"Plato really knows business. Together we created the Bargain Blinds brand to fill a gap in the market and optimise production capacity in our blind factory. The business model works because Plato runs a digital marketing strategy aimed at achieving a specific return on investment percentage. And they’re constantly refining the e-commerce website for the best possible customer experience."  Jess La Verde, Managing Partner of Bargain Blinds

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