Motion, Video and Brand

As a species, humans have a subconscious bias for motion and movement. This evolutionary hardwiring stems from our fight or flight response. Essentially, when we notice motion we inherently perceive it as a threat. And without even realising, we give it our attention. That is the reason why you would have watched the accompanying animation a couple of times through, before even reading this sentence.

Additionally to motion, we have long been captivated by visual storytelling. From the first cave paintings to egyptian hieroglyphics, we were known to travel hundreds of miles to see first hand the stories that were carved into stone. Knowing these instinctual habits, it is no wonder that people gravitate towards video over any other media.

Nowadays our visual predisposition has long since shifted from the practice of hunting to our love of digesting media that moves. Whether it’s TV shows, movies, ads, Tik Tok or falling into the most random of YouTube holes, we can’t help ourselves, even if we wanted to. We can't help but notice the movement. And while it is the motion that grabs our attention, we ultimately stay for the story being told to us.

We are now at a point where video and motion has been democratised in the same way that the digital camera brought photography to the masses. And while the newest camera phone might be able to shoot the shiniest of 4K videos, that is only half the literal story. Without saying something compelling to accompany the visuals, your audience are not going to stick around. It all comes back to having a good story and ensuring you have a brand that is ready to move with the times.