Not all workpIaces are created equal.

Plato is one of the good ones. But it’s only like that because we all work to make it happen.

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A team worth working hard for

Ever worked somewhere everyone is actively engaged? That’s Plato. We have something really special going on here with the industry’s best culture and working environment. It’s attracted many talented people who consistently give their all for the good of the team, our craft and most importantly, our clients.

People here bring their best because they know that when they do, it sets others up to be their best too. It’s a beautiful cycle of growth and success that works because there are no egos here and we’ve all got each other’s backs.

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Lead and learn from passionate specialists

No matter where you’re at in your career, with the talent, ambition and support at every level of Plato, you’ll either be leading a talented team or learning from them. Possibly both. Our people grow by doing the work together as a team and seeing the big picture.

There’s very little traditional hierarchy here so management and leadership is shared amongst the team. Whether it be leading people, leading clients or leading craft, there’s scope for you to create that opportunity.

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