Strategy & planning

Whether it’s a strategy focused on business, sales, marketing, brand or digital (or a combination)...

Our approach starts by understanding your business, brand or organisation intimately by spending time with key stakeholders, and thoroughly researching your category, customers and cultural truths to find insights that can give you an advantage.

Taking into consideration your objectives and ambitions, we plan roadmaps focusing on long term goals (typically over a three year period), whilst also executing short term objectives.

Research & insights

At Plato we believe the most important part of the work is the beginning. So before we do anything else, we immerse ourselves in your world. This will be a combination of desktop research, we’ll read reviews and observe how your brand shows up online. But more importantly we’ll talk to real people - your staff, your customers, people who love your brand and people that don't like your brand. All of which help us build a perspective of where to take it next..

Brand strategy

Fundamentally a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal, and a brand strategy focuses on the ways elements of your brand will help you get there. This could be anything from the way your brand looks and is positioned to its revenue model, to the channels its distributed through, the actual ‘thing’ you trade in, be it a product or service, and the way you promote that.

Brand positioning

This looks at what part of a market you’re going to try and ‘own’ in the mind of your target consumer; what you want to be known for and ensuring consumers actually care about those traits. This positioning could be based around price, the story of the brand, the product itself or the experience it provides. We use our expertise to analyse the market and your brand to find a unique spot for your brand to win in.

Business strategy

Sometimes you might be looking for guidance at a more fundamental level of your business. What are your future goals and aspirations for the business? Where are you trying to get to and what can you viably deliver on? These are the sorts of questions we’ll help you answer before diving into a roadmap of activity to help get you there.

Digital strategy

Where is you business going digitally? And not just from a digital marketing perspective. How are you leveraging digital ecosystems and tools to drive your business forward? This might be at an operational level like reviewing and optimising systems and processes, or thinking about how you can leverage data to make informed business decisions. At Plato, we have a raft of digital experts to help guide you on this journey.

Marketing strategy

You want to ‘fish where the fish are’ so part of developing a marketing strategy is deeply understanding your audience and their media consumption habits. Once we’ve identified how to get in front of them, we’ll work with you on developing compelling campaigns that connect your brand to their needs.

Sales strategy

Who are you selling to and what’s your plan to get them to buy? This could include other important elements such as pricing, distribution and currently identifying you target audience to ensure you have product market fit. Again, this is a crucial component of the overall strategy of the business which we are experienced in assisting with.

Customer experience

The way you want customers to experience your brand is complementary to and feeds into your overall brand strategy. As we consider how the brand is positioned, we also take into account what that means for the various customer touch points

Employer brand

Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees and key stakeholders. It revolves around positioning your organisation as an employer of choice. We work closely with your team to identify strengths and weaknesses and help create a roadmap for you to ensure you are seen as a employer people want to work for.


The culture of an organisation is its beating heart. It shapes the way people show up day after day. A company's culture is built around the foundational elements of the brand like your purpose, your vision for the future and your values. At Plato, we’re well versed in working with you on development of these important assets and also in the way we rally your organisation around them.